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April 2014



Happy Birthday, Audrey!

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Wow, I sure haven’t posted in awhile, huh? Whoops. Sorry. I can be kind of like that… all in and have so many post ideas, and then my ideas run out, I panic, and I lose interest. But I started this blog for a reason, mostly to force myself to create things (recipes, DIYs, etc) and also to chronicle my life in a semi-regular kind of way. I guess I’m still figuring out what I want this blog to be about.

I do want this blog to continue, and I do want to continue to write. It might take me awhile to find my voice and figure out what this space is for (I am sensing more recipes because I love inventing recipes!), but I hope to figure it out eventually. Blogging is fun.

So this post was to kind of say that and also to say that it’s my cat’s 12th birthday today – woop woop. If you know me, you know that I love this furry little creature. I recently wrote a post all about her if you’d like to see more adorable cat pictures (is that even a question?!). I can’t believe she’s officially a senior cat now, sniff. But you wouldn’t know it by her attitude. Rock on, birthday cat, rock on.

Cat Birthday Hat

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