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Our Wedding Highlight Video!

I got married about a month ago. It seems like so long ago already! It was a crazy hectic time and to be honest, not all I thought it was cracked up to be. It was stressful and nuts and well… Let’s just say it’s a lot more fun to be a guest at someone else’s wedding than to have your own. Anyway.

Photo by Michael Holbrook Photography

Photo by Michael Holbrook Photography

One thing that went absolutely right and that I’m so happy about is our amazing videographer! We hemmed and hawed and didn’t think we could afford one with our smallish wedding budget. I managed to find a great and affordable wedding videographer – Michael Holbrook Photography.

Michael was so fun! He was so calm and collected and professional and funny to boot. It was easy shooting with him. If you’re in the Vancouver / Lower Mainland area I highly recommend him!

Here’s our 4 minute wedding highlight video from the big day. I love every second of it and will definitely cherish this memento forever. ❤

Check out Michael’s Facebook page for his latest work, or visit his website for more info. Trust me… he rocks!

Typical awkward Michelle moment: Wedding Edition.

Typical awkward Michelle moment: Wedding Edition.

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Hello again.

Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged anything! I’ve found myself thinking about that fact lately, and missing it. I’ve met some awesome people through blogging – even though I was only posting in this space for a short time. I’m still figuring out why exactly I have a blog. I like to share photos, recipes, funny stuff… sure, but is that really blog-worthy? I’m still determining why I’m blogging… I just know that I like it for some reason, and I do miss it.

So… I’m going to dedicate time to this blog again, and posting regularly. I’ll be sprucing up the place with a new look over the next bit too, so don’t mind the mess for a bit. :)

Watch for some new content soon, whatever that may be, and I hope to meet many more awesome bloggers through this hobby of mine. In the meantime, I will leave you with this picture of Audrey. Happy Caturday!


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5 Amazeballs Breakfast Recipes for Lazy Anti-Morning People

I never claimed to like mornings. I’m not particularly good at them either. For a long time, I tried to be one of those cheerful, outgoing, productive early morning risers. The logic makes sense. Getting up early means I would have time to squeeze in a workout before I would have enough time to talk myself out of it. Or I could get a head start on my daily to-do list and seem like a really organized, Pinterest-perfect robot who just sails through life.

This is pretty much how my life goes every morning.

This is pretty much how my life goes every morning.

We night owls face a real stigma out there. There’s morning people everywhere, touting their self-labelled superiority as they leisurely prepare a 5 course breakfast and do the New York Times crossword before leaving for work. Or the people who never seem to be in a hurry waiting in line in Starbucks. I mean, who does that. 

Thankfully I never run into these omnipresent morning people. Because I am in bed.

However. With my interest in living a healthy life, a lot of that revolves around food and proper nutrition. “Clean eating” if you will. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to snarf down an entire row of Oreos in under 2 minutes to get out the door in time in the morning, and I’ll proudly do it again. But I try to eat healthy. Most of the time.

Here are some awesome and QUICK breakfast recipes I’ve found that have helped an anti-morning person like myself stay on schedule:

BREAKFAST-045_thumb1. Overnight Oats

This is a lifesaver. If you’re a typical white girl like me, I’m sure you’ve seen all the “overnight oats” recipes on Instagram, carefully staged to look like a 5 star restaurant. Well you know what, overnight oats look like shit. They do. But they’re quick, they taste okay, and it’s a healthy breakky. This site breaks down how to make them. Only FOUR ingredients, people! Soak in this knowledge.




Muffins2. Egg Muffins

These are Cassey has long been an inspiration to me. I love her super cute and funny pilates videos on YouTube and she got me into exercising in the first place. She’s also pretty creative in the kitchen.





low-carb protein pancakes3. The Best Low-Carb Protein Pancakes

I’ve tried ’em all. These are 1) the only recipe I could successfully make into a pancake shape with my horrible kitchen skillz, and 2) delicious. Really. Make them now!

P.S. Try it with different flavours of protein powder to change it up!




Microwave Muffin4. Microwavable Berrylicious Muffin

Cassey does it again. A delicious muffin you can make in a hurry and then MICROWAVE. The day I found this recipe, I felt the same feeling as the people who discovered the moon, I bet. Anyway, I was really happy. Nom.










Breakfast-Quinoa_AE_featured_05. Last but not least… Chocolate Banana Quinoa! omg.

This is pretty damn excellent. It takes a bit longer than my threshold to be considered “quick”, at about 10 minutes. 10 minutes is a hell of a lot of time in the morning. But for this, you should make the time. It’s pretty tasty. Chocolate for breakfast is never a bad idea. 

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What’s The Big Deal About Weddings Anyway?

We are almost 3 months away from the big day… Stick a fork in me, I am DONE! I am excited to marry my guy and have a big party but honestly, the crazy starts to come out the closer you get to a wedding. Blame it on stress, or nerves, or Type A-ness, or societal pressure but the cray will arrive in one way or another.

You better not fuck with a real bridezilla.

You better not fuck with a real bridezilla.

Weddings used to be simple. You get some cool lookin’ fancy clothes, you stand there, say some heartfelt shit, some guy/gal pronounces you married and then you eat cake, and usually steak, and drink a lot and dance and everyone has fun. Now there’s entire websites and careers devoted to finding the perfect “rustic chic” wood rounds, uplighting, making your invitations stand out like never before even though most people will forget about them minutes after opening it and they definitely won’t remember them months from now.

There’s pressure to pick the right songs, the right dress, the right decor, the right timing for everything to happen, to pick the right fucking napkins. Napkins! Who gives a fuck, honestly.

As long as your wedding is pretty decently fun and you have some food and booze, I think you’re good!

Stay classy.

Stay classy.

I am trying to remind myself of this fact daily. We are working with a budget here, although even if I had all the money in the world, I don’t think I would spend that much more. I might hire an entourage of adorable kittens to escort people to their seats, and I would get like 5 dresses and possibly come crashing through a brick wall in a souped up Porsche 911, but other than those small details, it would be pretty much the same.

No one’s gonna remember the stupid square votive candle holders I spent hours searching for, because I just HAD to have square instead of round ones. No one’s gonna remember our centrepieces, or if the walls of our venue were ugly, or our tablecloths. People are going to remember if they ate, if they drank, and if they had a good time. That’s it.

So… for the next three months, I don’t care if someone tells me I just NEED to have this, and NEED to have that and that everything should be perfect. I don’t care if it’s perfect, just as long as everyone has a good time. I’m focusing my energy on picking awesome music, and supplying lots of food and booze. That should take care of it, I think.

Screw the rest!

ecards wedding

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Hosting a Pinterest-Worthy Bridal Shower on a Budget

My best friend is getting married. Exciting! However, she decided to have a very short engagement (5 weeks!) so there was lots to do in little time. It was a great time planning everything as one of her bridesmaids, and seeing her vision come to life. It was a blast!


But one thing that scared me a bit was planning her bridal shower. I have only ever been to one bridal shower before, as a guest, so I didn’t have much experience to go off of. This is also my first time being a bridesmaid so I wasn’t really sure what to do there either! Geez! Luckily, the other bridesmaid (the bride’s sister) was experienced at such things and knew what to do. Together, we planned a Pinterest-worthy bridal shower on a budget. I thought it turned out great. So I wanted to offer a few tips to those who want some money-saving ideas, or who maybe just aren’t familiar with kind of what to do for a bridal shower since I wasn’t. Of course this isn’t the only way to do one, you can do whatever you think your bride would like! After all, it’s all about the bride!

We had about 2 weeks to plan this shower. We decided to purchase decor first, after looking through several websites of inspiration. A party supply store would be the best place to get these items, but since we left it to a holiday, they were all closed (doh!). So we went to Michaels. The prices were honestly not too bad for all this stuff – the hanging balls, fans, favour boxes, raffia, twine, burlap, table runner, decorative trunk. Also, if you sign up for Michaels’ weekly email specials, you get a 50% off coupon every week! Definitely use those to your advantage and you could save a lot.

We hit up the dollar store afterwards for a few essentials – balloons, confetti, favour box labels. Our vision for this shower was a rustic chic/shabby chic sort of event, with a classy twist. It was a wine and champagne event, with lots of appetizers and dessert (made by the bride’s sister – amazing chef she is!), and we called it a “Boudoir Shower” – so meaning lingerie! So each guest brought her a gift of lingerie. We made sure to put her sizes in the invitation so people knew what to buy.



I found the toughest thing was planning how the evening would go. We decided to make a timeline like so:

  • 6pm – Guests arrive
  • 6:30pm – Once everyone has a drink/is settled, welcome them to the event, do introductions so everyone knows each other’s name. Also, we described the games we would be playing (detailed below), and started with the M&Ms game (see below).
  • 7pm – First game over, people are loosened up. Invite them to eat and keep the party going!

Now, there’s a ton of ideas for bridal shower games out there. We decided to keep it pretty simple and fun since not everyone knew each other at this shower, so the games also acted as icebreakers. The first game we played was the M&M game. Basically, each person grabs some M&Ms and you have to say something for each colour you get. Check out the little chart tags I made below. Click on the image to download this for your own event! They print 2 to a page, so just print (on cardstock preferably), cut, and you’re done! I made it in Word so you can easily edit the phrases. Or, you can download a PDF version here if you don’t wanna edit it.

Click to download the free printable!

Click to download the free printable!

Next, we played the Plastic Ring Hunt game. We bought some plastic diamond rings and hid them around the house. The person who has the most at the end of the night wins a prize! In our case, that was a Starbucks gift card. Something everyone likes. :)

For food, the bride’s awesomely talented sister made beautiful cupcakes (she is an artist with baking!) and a bunch of tasty appetizers. We served wine and champagne, and made a nonalcoholic punch for the preggos who attended. We also made some cute favours (pictured above) which I will detail in another post to come soon.



I hope this post helps you plan a shower, or gives you some ideas for another sort of event. I find that since Pinterest is so involved in our lives now, people tend to go overboard trying to recreate awesome-looking events. Which is a great idea, however remember that most of those were made by event planners and whole teams of people, for a serious amount of money. But if we can recreate the rustic chic bridal shower Pinterest look with a fraction of the budget, then anyone can!

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