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December 2014



Pinnacle Pier Hotel Review & Contest!

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Awhile back, I won a little Twitter contest for a free night at the beautiful Pinnacle Pier Hotel in North Vancouver. They graciously gave my fiance and I a drop-dead gorgeous Harbour View room… did I mention it was free? Here’s what it looked like (images courtesy of the Pinnacle Pier Hotel website):

Room 1room2rooms3_0

We meant to go in the summer for our anniversary but I was super sick at that time. Boo. We went the weekend before Halloween this year so it was a bit cold and rainy (nothing surprising to us Vancouverites) but still a fantastic time. Even though it was just one night, it felt like such a luxurious getaway for the two of us… like a mini vacation.

The hotel is full of great little details. For one thing – the makeup mirror. Okay, girls care about this. You know when you go on vacation, and you’re going to go out on the town and wanna look really nice but the hotel bathroom is always dark and the lights cast a weird shadow on your face? Pinnacle at the Pier is the only hotel I’ve ever been to with a LIGHTED mirror! And, a little magnifying makeup mirror too. Oh man. As a makeup addict like myself, this was heaven to see. It made getting ready so fast.

We decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. My fiance and I both love seafood, which of course coastal British Columbia is known for. The hotel also operates a wonderful restaurant, Pier 7, steps away and perched right over the water with a beautiful city view of Vancouver. Seriously, check this out (photos from the Pier7 website):


The food there is exceptional, locally-sourced and FRESH. Our server was fantastic. The ambiance is romantic, but casual, and we just had an amazing and relaxing time. Oh yeah, and this is a place where the $13 drinks are really worth it. They’re so tasty. I highly recommend the Dark n’ Stormy – rum and beer it was. With candied ginger. Guh! So good.

Food-wise, we started with the pound of steamed mussels in garlic butter. Amazing. I had the Seared Ahi Tuna entree, and my fiance had the steak. I can still remember how it tasted. Just divine.

If you’re hanging around North Vancouver, I highly recommend checking out Pier 7 for lunch or dinner, or if you’re visiting from out of town, the Pinnacle Pier Hotel is a great choice. You’re also just blocks away from the SeaBus terminal to connect you to downtown Vancouver (a 15 minute transit ride!).


They are running another Twitter contest for Christmas for a free night at the hotel! View the tweet here to enter. Good luck!

* This post was NOT sponsored in any way by Pier 7 or Pinnacle Pier Hotel. All opinions are my own, and I have not been compensated for writing this post.

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November 2014



Favourite Web Apps for Blogging

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I do a lot of my blogging away from my home computer. Sometimes I start drafts on my phone, or on my lunch break at work if I get a good idea. Sometimes it’s out with friends at night and I am struck with a post idea, so I quickly write it down in my phone and carry on with the evening.

Blog Web Apps

I use Photoshop for a lot of graphics but sometimes I am not near the beloved Adobe beast, so I use a lot of handy web apps to make things too. Here’s some of my most-used faves.

1. Canva. I love their pre-made layouts and easy editing tools to make cool collages and photo displays. I often use this to put together collage posts!

2. Pixlr. While not as powerful as Photoshop, of course, it is a handy little tool. When saving at large resolutions, it can make things look a little fuzzy, so I only like to use it when absolutely necessary. However, for smaller blog graphics it’s perfect. Especially on the go! (They also have mobile apps for iPhone and Android.)

3. Pixabay. Most of the time I use my own personal photos for blog posts here, or find some funny things around the internet. But sometimes, I need a decent stock photo. But as I blog for fun, I’m not about to pay $100 for a pro stock image. Pixabay comes in handy here – all images are high-quality, and best of all, free!

4. Box. Out of all the cloud file services out there – Dropbox, Google Drive, etc – I find Box to be the most reliable, easiest, and versatile. I throw everything in there and I love having easy access to it via web or the mobile app. Great for putting blog post ideas in while on the go, or for storing images and stuff to upload into a post later on.

What are your fave web apps – for blogging or not?

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November 2014




Posted in My Life, Real Life.

I’m sure some of you have seen the #JustGirlyThings memes going around the Interwebs. Here’s a Tumblr blog full of them if not. Not that they are anything life-shattering. Basically, a quick recap for those who may not know – some stock-type photos of 99% white girls doing something “girly” like buying a Pumpkin Spice Latte, with a stereotypical quote like, “Autumn is the best season.” followed by the hashtag #JustGirlyThings. In a nutshell.

Here are some examples…

Just Girly Things Girly Things jgt

Well. I have a cat. So, I introduce to you… #JustCatThings featuring Audrey my cat.

 Just Cat Things Just Cat Things Just Cat Things Just Cat Things Just Cat Things

Clearly I have too much time on my hands some days…! But, you know, cats. So like, I had to.

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November 2014



Fall Fashion Trends I’m Loving Now

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Not to be a basic white girl or anything, but I. Love. Fall! Not because of pumpkin spice everything, but because of scarves, gloves, sweaters, boots and all that jazz. Here’s a few of my faves this season…

Fall Fashion Trends 2014

/ from top left:

1. Sparkly mini skirt. $69 – Urban Outfitters

2. Studded booties! $120 – Aldo

3. Festive-coloured chunky knit scarf. $16 – Old Navy

4. Animal print tunic sweater. $19.95 – H&M

What’s your favourite fall fashion trend going on right now?

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November 2014



Personal Growth In the Workplace

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This is a topic I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I recently switched jobs and career paths entirely, which I think is always a stressful situation, but it has proved to be challenging for me not only in learning an entirely new role and industry (eegads!) but also in terms of personal growth and emotional maturity.

The ladder to success doesn't come with an autopilot option.Photo credit: Pixabay

The ladder to success doesn’t come with an autopilot option.
Photo credit: Pixabay

What do I mean by that? I don’t think a lot of us really think about personal growth as it applies to our jobs much – at least I didn’t. But now I am seeing how important it is to success and that, perhaps, this is why I have been unsuccessful at past endeavors. Because of my unwillingness and/or ignorance about how I had to change myself to better fit my workplace, instead of the other way around.

Maybe it’s a generational thing. Us “Millenials” (that’s 80s babies right?) grew up with technology (albeit, dial-up and Windows 98 but…). We grew up being told that college is of vital importance. We grew up with the sense of opportunity, and the sense that we are supposed to follow our passions and do what we love. Well from my informal polling (i.e. Facebook news feed perusal), it seems approximately 80% of people complain about their jobs on a regular basis (myself: guilty, although I try to keep annoying crap like that off Facebook and instead directly into my close friends’ ear canals). Doesn’t sound like most of us are following our passions. Because… here’s a secret… passions don’t pay bills. In most cases. Unless your passion is working on an oil rig.

So sure I like my job. Would I rather be a full-time blogger getting to write about things I love, earning an income, and sipping hot lattes in the comfort of my well-appointed townhouse? Well, yes. Yes I would. Maybe one day! (A blogger can dream!) But the only way to achieve your goals is to work hard at them, but in the meantime – deal with what you gotta deal with. For me, my goal is to grow this blog and meet people from all over the world, and earn a bit of a side income from it (so far not the case!). But the reality is, I need a M-F 9-5 to pay my bills in the meantime. I am not giving up on my goal, but I also need to grow myself at my current job to get ahead in life.

This could be me one day, blogging in the wild. No bosses, no schedule. Wild and free I tell you!Photo credit: Pixabay

This could be me one day, blogging in the wild. No bosses, no schedule. Wild and free I tell you!
Photo credit: Pixabay

At my 9-5, I have recently learned to put others’ needs before my own. Not that I’m selfish, but I was in a workplace sense. In my personal life, I sacrifice for friends, I help family, I care for others. But it didn’t occur to me to bring that same mentality into the workplace. I am used to having jobs where I set my priorities, where I am given a list of things to do/accomplish, and I just do them. This current job has a lot of micro-managing, and when I am pulled away in a different direction than what I think I need to be focusing on, I am expected to drop everything and do that task, to the detriment of others I was working on. For awhile, this made me so frustrated. “Couldn’t they see I was working hard? Couldn’t they see I was working on a project they told me to have done by ___?”

It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, my boss pays me to do what she says. End of story. It takes a lot of self-control, and sacrifice, to put tasks I don’t view as important at the top of my list when I have competing priorities. But I simply have to tell myself, I am here to do what my boss wants. End of story. If you are struggling in your current job due to something like this, I highly suggest just giving in. It was counterintuitive to me, as a Type A stubborn person, but it works. And it’s amazing how my stress level has fallen as a result.

This seems like a good intersection to live at.Photo credit: Pixabay

This seems like a good intersection to live at.
Photo credit: Pixabay

Do you have any advice on personal growth in the workplace – or have you realized something about yourself while at work that’s benefitted your personal growth?

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